God has invited you to His presence where all things are possible and all things are ready to all those that come to Him by faith in Christ Jesus. Good things happens in the presence of God. You can expect a touch from God. You can expect miracles, restoration, healing, direction, guidance and blessings. God know what goes on in your life and can fix it. You were created to fellowship with God and your fellow human being. God made you for glory and not for shame. You have a dignified destiny waiting for you to accomplish. As you connect with God, you will know the steps to take to realize your glorious destiny. You will be empowered with God’s wisdom and ability to make impact in your calling. God gave you talents and ability to make difference. You should not be despair and discouraged. Those who turn to God by faith and trust Him enter into a new life of great hope. There is hope for you today and tomorrow. Though, you may have had some difficulties but something good is about to happen to you that will enable you to forget the pains of the past. Embrace a new life of great possibilities. Your story will change for good. The best of you is yet to come. Make good use of the life and opportunity the Lord has given to you. God want you well, prosperous and blessed. These things will be possible when you begin to believe them and transform your mind with the Word of God. Read the Word of God and meditate on it. The Word of God works at any place at any time. God is looking for people who will believe Him by His written Word. Your life is programmed to be glorious and fulfilling. You have a brighter future. Look towards it. Your today may be full of challenges, struggles and problematic but, there is a better tomorrow for you. Work toward it. Start where you are today and start believing God. Put your faith to action. Don’t allow your today’s challenge to define your tomorrow future. Life is a faith walk. Take steps that will bring a change for a better tomorrow. Stay in the Word of God. Don’t depart from it. It works all the time. Your faith in God will work will work this time.