Beloved, You are really blessed because God has invited you to His presence. Access into the presence of God is what give rise to a colorful life. You are a creature of destiny. You are special and destined to do great things. God is the God of great wonders. His power is unfading. His greatness is unsearchable. God has not changed. He is still in search of those who are Willing to rise to the fulfilment of their destiny. When you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him. You can’t find God and live like a mediocre. The ways of God are the high ways of life. God is the Wise God. Follow God who is wise, you will become wise. One of the great signs of the end-time is uncovering of the ways of God. God has ways and His ways are good. They are always correct and ever current. God’s way can never be outdated, they are old paths that leads to peace and rest. God’s ways are superior to the ways of the world and that’s why no matter how much secular education an unsaved man acquire, he cannot match up with the level of results the saints will produce at this end-time, operating in the high ways of God. The church is coming back to glory. It will be a church to be respected and reckoned with. A church that has practical dominion in all areas of life. It will be a church in-charge where light shines brighter and brighter, destinies discovered and fulfilled., where God is enthroned and all His people riding on the wings of glory and honour. Life will become pleasant as the people begins to operate in the ways of God. Undeniable testimonies will be consistently constant and a colourful life will exemplify the church. Get involve in what God is about to do. The flight is about to take off, don’t be left behind. It is your turn to shine and shine brighter. It will take your commitment, dedication and diligence to be amongst the victorious ones. As you make up your heart and mind to follow God, He will establish you and make you wonders of His praise. It’s a new dawn. Get into the wagon of God. God is for you. God’s Wisdom will differentiate you.