Month of Thanksgiving & Praise

Your attitude determine your altitude. How you respond in word and action determines the state of your heart. Thanksgiving and praise is a thing of the heart. It is a grateful acknowledgement or expression of thanks to benefits or act of kindness. It is an attitude of a grateful heart. It is an aroma that attracts God’s attention. It is a crucial tools in the school of success and victory. It’s the language of the redeemed of the Lord. We all  have  much reason to thank God. We just need to put everything into perspective. Paul praised God after being beaten, stoned, whipped, and thrown in jail. Then he said these were but light afflictions that last for a moment, nothing to be compared to eternal things. We should understand that praise coming from a thankful heart has great power. It will build you up spiritually, it is a source of strength, it is a powerful weapon against the devil, and it ministers to the Lord.  Thanksgiving and praise is a must if you want to secure God’s intervention. When we thank God for all His blessings, it refocuses our attention from the negative to the positive things in our lives. Sure, all of us have challenges. We live in a fallen world, but God is good, and God’s goodness to us is greater than all of the enemy’s attacks. It has been the Lord that kept us and made good things to come to us. It’s time to appreciate God through our thanksgiving.