Month of Prosperity

Gen 39:2, Jos 1:8, Psalm 35:27, Prov 1:32, 28:13,  Job 8:6, 36:11, Eccl 7:14, Jer 33:9, Zech 1:17, 3 John 1:2. God want you to live in prosperity. The reason God prospers His people is to advance God’s kingdom on earth Prosperity is the Will of God for all His children. Prosperity is not meant to take us away from God but keep us in God. Men has turned prosperity to what God did not meant it to be. Prosperity is not just having material things by all means. It is not a condition of get-rich-quick by all means. Prosperity is more than having material things. Money alone is not prosperity. Someone can have money but if he doesn’t have God and good health to enjoy the money, it is useless. Godly prosperity does not make one arrogant, selfish, proud but it makes one humble in reverence to God and His purpose. Prosperity connotes a state of peace , abundance resources and wellbeing. It is an experience that impacts every part of your life. Prosperity is to be successful in your God-given assignment or task. It is to thrive irrespective of any opposition. It is to progress or increase in your God’s given task. Prosperity is a state being in good relationship with God with a godly mindset and with resources to accomplish God’s purpose and enjoy His favour. Any prosperity gotten through greed, stealing, manipulation and ungodly way is not a true prosperity. It a life condition where you have God’s provision required  to meet any need in your pursuit to God’s given purpose. As Christians we must be willing to pursue the Biblical prosperity. Our prosperity is not just for our selfish consumption but about being better equipped to live life that truly imitate, honour, reverence and glorify God. Our prosperity increases as we draw closer to God with a true heart of love, obedience and reverence in discharging our duties. In our prosperity, we should have the mind of Christ. When that is in place, our prosperity will not be harmful and destructive but edifying and profitable. God will prosper you if you go with God all the way. As you go on in your assignment, duty and work with a heart of pleasing God, you shall reap the harvest of prosperity. It is your season to prosper in every area of your life.