Month of Grace, Peace and Joy

Gen 6:8, 39:4 Ex 33:16-18  Ps 84:11 Job 5:24 Psalm 85:8 Isa 26: 3, 12: 3, 35:10   Zech 4:7 Rom 5:17, 20-21, 1 Cor 15:10 Gal 1:3 Eph 2:14, 2 Pet 1:2 Titus 2:11-13

Christianity has its root on the GRACE of God. God is the God of Grace. God has provided everything man needed in life including Salvation through the atoning work of Christ. God’s Grace has provided everything we may need in life. Grace is the power of the Gospel. Grace is to extend favour or kindness to someone who does not deserve it. Grace has brought us into relationship with the loving God. Grace produces peace with God. Those who receive Grace, live in freedom, joy, peace and blessing. They do not depend on their performance to please God but they totally depend on God’s amazing Grace. Jesus is the Grace of God. God has forgiven everyone. All people can come to God without guilt and condemnation on the bases of Christ sacrificial work and receive SALVATION. Grace has been given but only to be received by FAITH. Grace does not mean we are free to live any way we wish, Grace gives us power and enable us  to live a new life of righteousness, peace and joy. Peace and joy are the byproduct of GRACE. Grace is not Earned but is Received. It is a wonderful gift God has extended to everyone. Grace set us free from bondages of sin and satan. God’s blessings come by Grace through faith. Faith is our positive responds to what God has already provided by Grace. God is already pleased with the sacrifice of Jesus. God’s Grace is sufficient to give you victory in all situation. Stand Strong in God’s Grace. God’s Grace supersede all issues.