Month of Divine Intervention

Supernatural or divine intervention is the interference of God in human affairs. It’s when God steps in and change the outcome of a situation. It’s a defining moments in an individual’s life that provided undeniable proof of God’s existence for him or her. It serves as a reminder of God’s power and of His goodness. It results to any miraculous-seeming turn of events or circumstances. Divine intervention can be God causing something to happen or God preventing something from happening. Some situations, problems and circumstances can only be resolved by Divine intervention. No matter what your situation is, there is a God that can turn things around. He is a strong God. The supernatural power of God makes impossible possible, move the immoveable, bring back the beauty of life, can handle every situation, break any barrier and limitation, set free those that are bound, causes light to shine in darkness, restores the joy of living, terminate the agenda of the enemy, causes undeniable miracle to happen, bring lifting to those that are cast down and gives lively hope. It is your turn have a testimony of divine intervention. The supernatural realm is where all things are possible. God is a supernatural God. The supernatural will never bow to the natural. God operates in the level that supersedes human logic and understanding. Call on God, His power will excel.