Month of Divine Help & Mercy

Mk 10:47 Eph 2:4. Heb 4: 16. Everyone needs divine assistance or support from the Almighty God. Without God’s help life will be chaotic, stressful, discouraged and unbearable. We are all 2 Chr32 : 8Ex 20:6 Lam 3 :22-23 2 Kgs 19:14-19,2 Sam 7:15, Psalm 46:1-2, 85:7, 121 :1-8 Hosea living by the mercy and help of God. Though, some refuse to acknowledge it and give thanks to God. We are all the product of God’s help. By divine help we mean the assistance, support, aid and succour from the Merciful God that made it possible for us to live and go on in fulfilling our tasks and obligations. Help from God is what makes life colourful and remove unfruitful effort. Through the mercy of God, we enjoy divine help. God is every ready to help anyone that ask for His help. God sends someone to us to help us in one way or the another. Are you in need of help? Are you discouraged and despair. Are you facing some challenging issues? Have you tried things on your own and it did not work? Is your challenge refuses to ease after applying many solutions and strategies. Are you burdened with some issues. All these are symptoms that you need the help of God. God is waiting for you to call on HIM. He is closer to you than you think. He is extending a hand of help to you. Call on Him right now. He created you and knows you better. He can assist you in all matters and move you to your next level. His divine power works effectively and efficiently. God is reachable and approachable. Help is rising up for you today. God’s mercy will prevail over your life. Receive God’s divine HELP.