Brethren, It’s a great blessing to have a relationship with the God of heaven and earth. God is all the time good, powerful, Almighty and great. The reason you are alive today is because God is good to you. Our lives are testimonies of God’s awesome goodness. Live your life daily in appreciating God and His goodness. God made you for good. You were created for a special purpose. Your birth may surprise your parents and others but not God. God mean well for you. When you connect to God, you discover the purpose and meaning of life. You were created in the image of God. The power of God is inside of you to help you carry out His plans. It is true that the world is facing crises but God has the answers. Nothing is difficult with God. You can go to God for solution.  Whatever God has given to you is to be used to serve God and others. A lot in our world are using their God given ability and gift in a good way. Thank God for men and women who through their innovation, ideas, knowledge,  ability and services the world is in progress. We all can do things that can help others even if it is little.  Don’t forget that you’re solution to someone’s need. God can make use of you to solve problems. You are valuable and useful. Look inside of you, what can you do to help others. Life is about touching others in a positive way. God want to release His power on you. How ready are you?  Are you willing to say  ” yes Lord, use me”. Though you are being used by God but God wants to do more through you. Christianity is about being used by God to touch others. The anointing and power comes from God but He is looking for people who are willing, available, ready and obedient to be empowered to make impact. God want to use you to intervene in people’s lives. Draw close to God. He will fill you and make you a wonder to your world. I pray for God’s divine intervention in your life and family. From now onward, your story will change. Your testimony shall be loud and clear. It is a new dawn for you. Grace has found you. Grace will sustain you.