Grace has brought you to God’s presences that has a by-product of peace and joy. When one comes to God on the bases of Grace by faith in Jesus Christ, it is not difficult to receive anything from God. Christianity is not a religion of dos and don’ts. It is a loving relationship with God on the bases of Christ atonement. The church is not a religious industry designed to turn out mass produced reproductions on an assembly line. The Church is the congregation of people brought together by Grace to fellowship with the loving God and others. In the fellowship, there is a divine manifestation of God’s power that bring changes in human life and situation. When we were without Christ, we were like ancient slaves on the slave block, consumed by the hopelessness of our depravity, lost, chained to sin, joyless, empty, spiritually bankrupt. All we could do was to say to God “Have mercy. But once Christ took charge, He overthrew our old master and set us free from his dominion. When Grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ, a long-awaited revolution of the heart began to set captives free.  Fearful bondage motivated by guilt was replaced with a flesh motivation to follow Christ in truth simply out of deep devotion and delight. You belong to the power you choose to obey. Each moment of every day, we choose whom we wish to follow. If it is Jesus Christ our saviour, the benefits are many. God has not failed anyone and He will not fail you. Determine to go with God. Keep your focus on God. You have a glorious destiny. Through Grace you will realize your glorious destiny. The divine power of God is at work in your life. You and your family are exempted from all the evil arrows the enemy is firing. Abiding in Christ and Christ living in you is a solid ground to overcome all firing darts of the enemy. The world may be going through turbulence but it is minus you. Christ is our solid ground. Believers have a covenant of protection with the LORD. The name of the Lord will surely defend you as you make HIM your strong tower. This is your season of experiencing unusual GRACE. Grace will work for you. Grace will speak for you. Grace will make you whole. Grace will increase in your life and make you a wonder to the world. Stay strong in the Grace of God.