Prov 13:19, Ezek 4:6, Lk 1:23, Lk 2:6, John 19:28, Acts 21:5, 1 Kings 5:9

There is something good that the Almighty has programmed  you to accomplish but some of them have been hindered or delayed for years. God’s time of accomplishing them has come. The delays shall be taken off. The pharaohs will no more prevent you from going to your promised land. The years of agony has expired. There must be a clear evidence of your service to God that will cause your enemies to envy you. Destiny helpers shall come from all angles. Kindness shall meet you at every door. Your time of divine visitation is here. There shall be no more wasteful labour. Your efforts shall yield great fruit. You will be known by the wonders of God. The blessing shall no more be hidden. Praise will become a natural thing to you. Your joy has finally come. Faith will rise up in you. You shall take giant steps that will bring good result. You shall travel in the wings of angels. Your competitors shall have a bad days. It shall be known and shall be said  that God has done you well. Mockers of your God shall be silenced. Your blessing will attract many to the kingdom of God. You shall accomplish your divine mandate this year at ease. You shall be envied. You shall be noticeable. Your success cannot be denied. It is your year that your level must change.