2019: “My Year of Glory”

Ex 33: 18 Isa 60:1 Dan 7:14 Psalm 19:1, 1 Thess 2:20 Eph 3:16, 2 Pet 1:17

Man was created for the praises of God’s glory, not for shame and disgrace. God is the God of glory. Glory and honour are in His presence. God crowned man with glory and honour. Sin corrupted this glory. But Christ died to restore this glory. In this year of glory, you and your family will arise and shine in glory, blessing, favour, sound health, honour, victory, success, joy etc because the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. You and your family shall walk in glory, live in glory and shine in glory. Glory is honour, prestige, reputation, praise, recognition,and credit, that shall be your portion from now on.


Special Service with Prayer & fasting and Int. Women day
Sunday 7  March  –  at 10 :00
Women / Men  Meeting
Sunday  21 March at 13:00
Leaders / Workers meeting
Saturday 20 March  18:00
Birthdays :
Sunday 14 & 28 March  at 13:00
Winner women Prayer { ZOOM }
Every Friday  at 19:30
Youth Song Ministration :
Sunday 28 March  at 10:00